Research facility Mainz

The area of interest of the research facility Mainz is centered upon the federal states of Hesse, , the Rhineland-Palatinate, and the Saarland.

The research facility Mainz collects and edits the post-roman inscriptions of the federal states of Hesse, the Rhineland-Palatinate, and the Saarland up to the 17th century. General aim is the complete collection and edition, as well as the annotation, of inscription texts, which are preserved in an original state or through a transcription.

The annotations to every inscription as well as the summary of the complex results in the introductions and registers of the respective inscription volumes show the significance of an inscription volume for the numerous disciplines of the historical studies and the auxiliary sciences of the philosophy, art history and theology. The text edition is supplemented with many pictures and translations and explanations to the appearance of the inscription medium itself, to its formation, the monumental inscription, involved persons, age determination, and text contents.

The project "Inschriften Mittelrhein-Hunsrück", supported by the academy of science and literature and by the institute of historical and regional studies of the University of Mainz, has been established to present the inscriptions of the middle-Rhine and the Hunsrueck area to larger parts of the population. Therefore one of the aims is to present it in an adequate way and guarantee the easy legibility of inscriptions and the simplistic approach to the portal in general.

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