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Topics & Geography

The section Topics offers a thematic focussed approach to the project. Here you can find informations about the series, professional articles, galleries and much more. In the section Geography you can enter the topic through interactive maps.

Search for Inscriptions

The search section offers you the opportunity to research within the complete inventory of inscriptions. Here you can search in the database via full text parameters for terms, locations and persons. It is possible to define certain index categories in order to narrow the search furhter down.

Help & Glossary

Our help section gives you an overview of the structure and the respective funcitons of the DIO Website. Furthermore, there is a glossary with epigraphical terms.

Booklets & 3 D

DIO is no single online-project. Beside our inscription databank we publish booklets and create 3D models of the most remarkable churches of the respective inscription area, both is worked out under scientifical guidance.

Select Region & City

You can access our database catalogue-wise and browse through all inscriptions of a single city or region respectively.