Research facility Heidelberg

Area of interest of the research facility of Heidelberg is the federal state of Baden-Württemberg

  • Head of the commission: Prof. Dr. Dieter Mertens
  • Director of the facility: Dr. Harald Drös
  • Scientific assistants: Dr. Ilas Bartusch
  • Photographer: Elke Schneider
  • Address: Forschungsstelle Deutsche Inschriften der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Karlstraße 4, 69117 Heidelberg
  • Telephone: 06221 / 54 32 69
  • Fax: 06221 / 54 33 55
  • E-Mail:

Prime task of the research facility is the collection and critical edition of the historical inscriptions of the middle ages and early modern times of the state of Baden-Württemberg. As numerous stone memorials are gradually endangered by environmental hazards, the systematical collection of inscriptions on site is a key task of the operations.

The photographic collection contains over 10 000 memorials. The epigraphical archive, which has been set up in 1990, forms the basis of the scientific source edition. The archive electronically collects and treats the picture material of the area of interest.

The endeavor is a co-operation of the scientific academies of Germany and Austria. Among the 46 edited volumes of the corpus work "Die Deutschen Inschriften" (DI) the Heidelberg series contributed a total of thirteen volumes. Two volumes are currently in progress.

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