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The Dr. Ludwig Reichert Publishing Company

The Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag is located in Wiesbaden and was founded in 1969. The publishing company is generally focussed on publications in the following fields of the humanities: oriental studies, linguistics, history, archaeology, history of arts, book and library science as well as facsimile editions of important handwritings and incunabulums dating back to the medieval and early modern times.

Catalogues of historical handwritings and valuable collections of historical prints and handwritings, from other libraries, contribute to the product line.

Scientifical quality and excellent outfit of the books are expertly combined to result in the publishing program of the Reichert Verlag: Numerous titles were actually awarded and furthermore listed among the fifty most beautiful books of the Federal Republic of Germany. The awards in the first case were for facsimile editions but also for other literary titles and standard works for scientists and students.

On the homepage of the Reichert Verlag books can easily be purchased via the in-house Online-Shop.

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