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The traditional federal character of Germany and ist academies are mirrored in the organistational character of our enterprise: Six of the seven German academies and the Austrian Academie of Science have equipped their own Inscription-offices. Each of them is responsible for clearly defined areas which were oriented on the respective federal borders.

Overview of the Collecting Area
Karte des gesamten Bearbeitungsgebiets
  | Arbeitsgebiete der einzelnen Forschungsstellen

Since 2002 the Academy of Goettingen is responsible for the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a newly established branch office. The single offices controlling the inscription-commissions supervise the co-operation through regular, inter-academical commission meetings of their respective chairmen. For the same purpose serve annual meetings of the staff members, which are attended by all the scientists, who are assigned with the collection of the inscriptions of every academy.

Due to the huge task and the short manning of the individual offices, numerous free staff members are involved in the project, beside the permanent employed epigraphers.

Research Facilities