Research facility Munich

The research facility of Munich collects the inscriptions of the free-state Bavaria

The research facility Munich compiles the editions of the post-antique inscriptions of Bavaria dating up to the mid of the 17th century. Every volume features numerous registers. Only originals or transcriptions of inscriptions are recorded. The majority of the inscriptions are in German or Latin language. Declared aim of the edition is the critical assessment of the text, its historical classification and the annotation as a source for nearly all disciplines of historical studies and the linguistics as well as numerous other fields of science. Not least the preservation of historical monuments. Another important aspect is the local and regional historical dimension of the corpus.

The endeavor stands in loose co-operation with other endeavors in other countries of Europe. Their designated long term aim is a European epigraphy. By the means of a photographically documentation, closely connected with the editing, the commission gives its share for the recording and preservation of a highly environmentally endangered cultural heritage.

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