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The websites were developed according to the guidelines for internet media of the World Wide Web Consortium. If you encounter trouble while accessing the sites (e.g. site-structure, graphical display, arrangement of navigation etc.) the reason for the problems may be, that you are possibly running an outdated browser, which is not able to cope with the web-site technology of today in a satisfying degree.

The following internet-browsers do support the modern web standards and can be downloaded for free under the following web-addresses:

Firefox 3.5 for Windows, Linux, MAC (Our recommendation!

Opera 10 for Windows, Linux, MAC.

Internet Explorer 8 for Windows.

We recommend simply for the sake of convenience to upgrade your browser, if you are using a program which is older than the above listed browser programs.

If you are still encountering problems with the display or functionality of this website please send us a short Message: Please name your operating system and your browser version. We will try to give you a helpful response as soon as possible.

Download of PDF Files

Documents and files which you download from have the PDF format (Portable Document Format). You can print and view the downloaded PDF documents with the free obtainable Acrobat® Reader